Thursday, July 5, 2007

Save Rizana from Beheading

Rizana Nafeek

  • 17 years old Muslim girl from Sri Lanka.
  • Sent to Saudi Arabia as a nanny.
  • She was assigned 10 children to look after.
  • Had to get up 3AM to work until late at night.
  • She has been accused of strangling a four month old infant in Saudi Arabia.
  • She was then sentenced a death penalty of beheading according to the Saudi Arabian High Court.
  • No one knows whether she committed the crime or not.
How you can help to save her?


Signing Petitions:

Petition 1:

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Writing a letter to Riszna’s employer asking a pardon:

The poor girl sent to build a new house for family and good life for her brothers and sisters shouldn't have to die because of a misunderstanding. It is very very possible she did not a crime.

Rizana's Family Rizana's House

Story and pictures are from the BBC:

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Please send/post/text the following message to your friends and relatives asking to sign the petition:

17 year old teen babysitter is waiting to be executed without a proper trial in Saudi Arabia for death of an infant which she denies responsible. Click the site below to sign the petition. and watch the small video clip here and post your comments there. Your support will force Saudi government to give her a fair trial and finally her life.
Thank you.

Save Rizana online community.

Latest News:
"The Asian Human Rights Commission is of the view that was has happened is a tragedy and not a crime. At no stage was any allegation made of any animosity between the teenaged helper and the family. If such animosity existed it is very unlikely that a four month old infant would have been handed over to her care."

Death Sentence Draws Near as Maid Waits for Appeal
Sarah Abdullah, Arab News

After Two Years, Lankan Officials Move in Rizana Case
According to the Asian Human Rights Commission, Nafeek defense is that the child died during bottle-feeding and that she tried to revive the child and called for help. (Accidental death is not a capital crime under Shariah.) Nafeek was found guilty of murder with no legal representation."

July 12: Initial Legal Fees Paid for Filing Sri Lankan Maid Appeal
JEDDAH, 13 July 2007 — As the July 16 deadline to file an appeal in the case of Rizana Nafeek, the 19- year-old Sri Lankan maid accused of strangling a four-month-old Saudi boy, draws near, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has come forward and deposited an initial sum of SR50,000 to begin the appeals process.

July 14:
Sri Lankan housemaid on death row....
Speaking of the housemaid's sentence, Kate Allen of Amnesty International called it "an absolute scandal that Saudi Arabia is preparing to behead a teenage girl who didn't even have a lawyer at her trial.""

Arabic letter requesting the pardon for Rizana"

July 22
Thanks for your help, Rizana meets parents in prison
Rizana Nafeek, has met her family members on Sunday in Riyadh.

October 30
You can find latest updates and discussions related to this case here:
Lawyers Confident of Saving Rizana
Mohammed Rasooldeen, Arab News

RIYADH, 28 October 2007 — There is a strong possibility that Rizana Nafeek, charged by a court in Dawadmi with murdering a four-month-old child, will escape execution, according to her lawyers. The law firm of Khateb Al-Shammary retained by the Hong Kong-based Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has filed an appeal against the death sentence and her case is currently being reviewed in a court of appeals.